SMS Lucknow receives Excellence Award during 2nd International Exhibition on Agriculture and Horticulture Technology organised by Government of Uttar Pradesh and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Lucknow.

Mr Surendra Srivastava, General Manager- Corporate Affairs received the award

from Dr Abhishek Mishra Hon’ble Minister for Vocational Education & Skill Development , Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

School Of Management Sciences, Lucknow


National Conference 27-28 Feb 2016


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School Of Management Sciences, Lucknow

“ Importance of skill will always stay” Shilpi

” Health of any organization is known by its HR Policy. Human Resource will play an
important role in the future of Indian economy and the plight of more than a million
people who truly constitute the unorganized sector that can be considered by bringing
them in Human Resource Network.” This was said by HR Head, Kurl-on Limited
Ms. Shilpi Saxena, who was speaking under the aegis of corporate lecture series
organized by School of Management Sciences,Lucknow.
According to Ms Shilpi role of a HR Manager is to search qualified staff and after selection and employment, it has to ensure minimum turnover of developed employee.

Pride for SMS, Lucknow

Prof (Dr) B.R. Singh, Director SMS-IET  conferred with the “Observer Life Time Achievement Award” for his remarkable work in the field of education on 30th Jan, 2016.
The award was given by Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh
CM, Digvijay Singh. Mr. Singh awarded ‘Observer Lifetime Achievement Award’ and ‘Observer Young India Excellence Awards’ to 27 highest dignitaries in various social fields for rendition of their excellent services in society.
The Observer Peace Foundation conferred ‘Observer Lifetime Achievement Award 2015’ to
18 eminent personalities for their excellence in various fields like medicine, education, social service, police, women empowerment etc. Some of them were Justice N.K. Mehrotra, former Lok Ayukta , UP, Dr. Rita Bahuguna Joshi,
Dr. Vikram Singh, former DGP, UP, Prof. K.B Pandey,  Prof. Manjit Chaturvedi etc.


School of Management Sciences, Lucknow organized a sports event ‘SPARDHA-2016’ that was scheduled between January 24, 2016 and January 30, 2016.

The event was inaugurated by CEO & Secretary (School of Management Sciences, Lucknow), Shree Sharad Singh.

Shree Sujeet Kumar, a former Indian Hockey player, who played approx. 240 international Hockey matches for India, was the Chief Guest of the occasion. He represented India for various international Hockey tournaments including SEOUL Olympics, Asia Cup, World Cup, Champions Trophy and more. He, who is known for his strict ‘Time Management’ also taught lesson of time management and punctuality in the students and gave message that the students should pay keen interest and insight into their studies including sports as an essential part of their life; for it is sports that will keep their mind and soul fit and healthy.

The event had heart throbbing participation from not only the students but also from that of the faculty and staff members from all the wings of the institute.

Many outdoor and indoor games were played from the following teams:

Pool A included teams of: (All year)

  • PGDM and MBA                                                       [ROYALS]
  • BBA, BCA, B.Com (Hns.), B.Com                              [BLASTERS]

Pool B included teams of: (All year)

  • EC, EN, CS                                                              [UNITED CRUISERS]
  • ME                                                                           [MECHANICAL WARRIORS]
  • CE                                                                           [CIVIL CHALLENGERS]
  • DIPLOMA                                                                 [DIPLOMA DYNAMITES]

The event tracked many sports activities as follows:

Outdoor Games:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Shot put
  • Javelin Throw
  • Long Jump
  • 100 Meter Boys & Girls
  • 200 Meter Boys & Girls
  • 400 Meter Boys& Girls


Indoor Games:

  • Carom
  • Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess

An event named ‘INDRADHANUSH’ was also organized in the midst of SPARDHA-2016, where students were offered opportunities to exhibit their artistic skills and intellectual talent from a set of events as follows:

  • Calligraphy
  • Sketching
  • Mehndi
  • Rangoli
  • Face Painting
  • Quiz

On January 24, 2016 with sports like- Football, Volleyball, Cricket, the sports fest was triggered off and carried on with electrifying zeal of all students , faculty and staff members throughout till February 30, 2016. Apart from a set of outdoor sports events, there were other thrilling indoor events too that kept the entire college under one bonnet.

Special highlights of January 25, 2016 and that of January 30, 2016were the involvement of the Faculty and Staff members for the games of:

  • Tug-O-War
  • Kho-Kho
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi

Winner and Runner up for the events are as follows:


  • Civil Challengers (Winner)
  • Diploma Dynamite (Runner Up)


  • UG Blasters (Winner)
  • Civil Challengers (Runner Up)


  • UG Blasters (Winner)
  • Mechanical Warriors (Runner Up)

Basket Ball:

  • UG Blaster (Winner)
  • Civil Challengers (Runner Up)


  • Boys- (Winner)   1st -Avinash Pandey (CS 2nd Year)   2nd -Prashant Singh (CS 2nd Year)
  • Girls- (Winner) 1st -Kiran Gupta (B.Com 2nd Year) 2nd -Vibhoo Singh (EC 2nd Year)

Table Tennis:

  • Boys- (Winner) 1st -Piyush Kumar (B.Com 3rd Year)   2nd -Shubham Mishra (B.Tech ME 2nd Year)
  • Girls- (Winner) 1st -Jayanti Singh (B.Com 3rd Year)   2nd -Samagya Singh (BBA 1st Year)


  • Boys- (Winner) 1st -Kshitij Singh (CE 4th Year) 2nd -Lovenit Singh (CS 1st Year) 3rd -Subrat Verma (Diploma CE 2nd Year)
  • Girls- (Winner) 1st -Samagya Singh (BBA 1st Year) 2nd -Ankita Upadhya (B.Tech CS 2nd Year)

Shot Put:

1st -Saurabh (CE 4th Year) 2nd – Akhand Pratap Singh (CE 3rd Year) 3rd -Jonathan (B.Com 3rd Year)


1st -Prashant (Diploma CE 3rd Year) 2nd -Rohit Yadav (B.Tech ME 4th Year) 3rd -Raja Bhati (B.Com 1st Year)

Long Jump:

1st –Gaya Prasad Singh (Diploma CE 3rd Year) 2nd– Raja Bhati (B.Com 1st Year)


1st –Umakant Maurya (B.Tech CS 2nd Year)   2nd –Harshit Srivastava (BCA 3rd Year) 3rd– Nirupam Maurya (BBA 2nd Year)

100 Meter (Boys):

1st- Jonathan 2nd – Gaya Prasad 3rd –Raja Bhati

100 Meter (Girls):

1st –Ekta Kriti Singh (EC 1st Year) 2nd –Ankita Upadhyay (CS 2nd Year) 3rd –Archana Chandra (B.Com 3rd Year)

200 Meter (Boys):

1st –Ankit Rai 2nd –Gaya Prasad (Diploma CE 3rd Year) 3rd –Raja Bhati (B.Com 1st Year)

200 Meter (Girls):

1st –Ekta Kriti (EC 1st Year)   2nd –Shubra Singh (B.Com [Hon.] 2nd Year) 3rd –Ekta Khare (B.Com 3rd Year)

400 Meter (Boys):

1st –Gaya Prasad (Diploma CE 3rd Year) 2nd –Jonathan (B.Com 3rd Year) 3rd –Raja Bhati (B.Com 1st Year)


Events and Winners under “INDRADHANUSH:  


1st –Apoorva Singh, Kajal Singh, Manjari (BBA 1st Year)

2nd –Akansha Singh (EC 2nd Year), Monika Singh (CS 2nd Year), Shivani Bharti (ME 2nd Year)

3rd –Ankita, Kiran, Annanya (B.Com)


1st –Lakshya Jaya (EC 2nd Year)

2nd –Shivangi Rai (B.Com [Hon.] 1st Year)

Face Painting-

1st –Rishabh Singh& Shobit Srivastava (CE 1st Year)

2nd –Shivangi& Shalini (B.Com [Hon.] 1st Year)

3rd –Babbli Yadav& Vikas Singh (Diploma 1st Year)


1st –Manvi Singh (MBA 1st Year)

2nd –Rashmi (MBA 1st Year)

3rd –Vivek (ME 2nd Year)


1st –Sakshi Jaiswal (CS 3rd Year)

2nd –Shivangi Rai (B.Com [Hon.] 1st Year)

3rd –Shubhra Singh (B.Com [Hon.] 2nd Year)


1st –Abhaynday, Vikram Singh (B.Com [Hon.] 2nd Year) , Shivangi Rai (B.Com [Hon.] 1st Year)

2nd –Shashank Gupta, Shivangi Kashyap (BBA 2nd Year)

3rd –Ankita Srivastava, Priyamvada Dubey (B.Com 2nd Year)

Kabaddi: (For Staff)

Played between Ganga Block Vs Yamuna + Saraswati Block, where team of Ganga Block emerged winner.

January 29, 2016 marked the closure of the sports fest, where the Chief Guest, Shree Sujeet Kumar awarded trophies and medals to the Winners and Runners of various events during SPARDHA-2016.

Dr. Sarvesh Rai, Asstt. Prof.-III, HAS Dept., SMS-IET, gave Vote of Thanks, where he extended his sincere thanks to the CEO, Shree Sharad Singh, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Mehrotra, Director SMS-IMS; Prof.(Dr.) B.R. Singh, Director, SMS-IET; Dr. Jagdish Singh, CGM-SMS, Mr. Surendra Srivastava, GM-SMS and all students, faculty and staff members for their extensive support & assistance in making the event a memorable one.

School Of Management Sciences Lucknow

Leadership Lecture Series

It’s an issue of pride and honor that Mr. Deepak Bharara, Chief Human Resource Officer, LANCO Infratech visited School of Management Sciences, Lucknow.

He was overwhelmed after admiring the infrastructure of the college.

In the start of session he stressed students to become good Indian citizens.

He explained the expectations of corporate world. In addition to this he also discussed the expectations of young technocrat or professional.

He emphasized certain important considerations during recruitment like person fit in organization.

He also demarcated various hard and soft skills. In special reference to LANCO he stressed three set of skills viz,. leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills and ownership skills.

The whole session was interactive and he also created a special window for students only for answering their queries.

I am pleased to inform you all that Mr. Vishal Sehgal,Head, Corporate
Affairs Metro Cash and Carry visited  SMS Lucknow campus on 23rd November
2012.He interacted with the faculty and students of SMS Lucknow campus.

During his interaction Mr Sehgal motivated the students to dream big and
work harder to realise their dreams